The journey has begin. Weight on January 1 – 1×2.2. Weight January 8 – 1×8.2. Lost 1.8 pounds. Mind you, that was dry weight. After I had a shower, I decided to try the scales again – I had gained 2 ounces! Yup, water weight is a fact. I’ve been doing moderate exercise. Not feeling too deprived. Having a glass of wine with dinner every night. A homemade banana muffin every couple of days. The days are getting brighter in the mornings when I leave for work and in the afternoon, as I’m driving home. Lovely.

Yesterday, I dropped by the Mall for some flavoured tea – that’s one way to encourage myself to drink more fluids. Got something chocolate and something fruity. They actually taste good and I don’t have to add sugar. A couple of stores down was a Bose outlet. I dropped in and was able to try on a pair of earphones that ie2_bl_medI’ve been lusting after. Regular hard plastic ones make the inside of my ears feel all hot and sore. After an hour, that gets explosive. The Bose in-ear model has a soft plastic ear piece that sits on the larger curve without pressing on the tender flesh inside. Even better – they were on sale. Bought a pair right away. The sound and comfort are amazing. My pre-weigh-in reward.

Getting into the habit of doing 2500 steps on average during circuits of the lower level at work every lunch time for 20-25 minutes. I was surprised but I move at a good clip and work up a a bit of a sweat. As I get more into this, I may have to change into exercise gear instead of wearing my work clothes and sensible shoes. People are getting used to seeing me. It’s sort of amusing – today, a couple of guys from the Emergency Response Unit (all uber-fit in their grey multi-pocket outfits) were coming back with an order of Timmy’s coffee. They gave me the thumbs up. At least they didn’t think I was a crazy cougar lurking in the hallway.

January 7 nutrients

Not slim and fit territory yet, but I’m on my way. Have to ramp up my muscle-building but at least I’ve made a start. Eat less, move more. I can do this. Life is good.