Jan 28 FitBit summaryWell, here I am.  At the end of another week of my journey. ANOTHER POUND LOST LAST WEEK! And that’s despite the horrifically calorie laden meal I had while we were on the road home from Montreal.

I temporarily ‘lost’ my FitBIt (yeah, I whipped off my blouse in a rush to tell Hub the news about my new car and accidentally tore off my little Bean from my bra strap) Luckily, the ‘silent’ alarm vibrated so bloody loudly on the hardwood floor of my closet that we were able to hear it as we stood in the hallway downstairs by the door the the garage, which is where I’d thought it had fallen off.

Last week was sort of rocky. I was hungrier and grumpier than usual. I wanted wine. And rare, well salted red meat with plenty of fresh ground toasted red and black pepper. And some chocolate. I think it’s the weeks and weeks of sullen skies and finger-numbing cold that makes my feet feel all brittle and my skin itch like tightly wrapped paper over my bones. I’ve noticed that my fingers are getting thinner – my rings mow swing around to the left and I have to keep rolling them back into place. My face is looking thinner. Too bad the flab is not falling off my butt at the same rate.

My Bean is back, and I’m proud of my weekly summary. For the month of January, I’m down six pounds, which is nothing to sneeze at. Encouraging, but I’m still worrying about being able to keep on track with losing fat. In total, I’ve lost six pounds. I know that it’s not all fat, but a pound is a pound.