cheerleaderHooray, hooray!! I located my FitBit tonight. I had written to the customer service folks at FitBit telling them that I’d lost my motivation buddy and asking what could they do for me. I received a quick response:

“We’re sorry to hear about your lost Fitbit tracker. Please confirm you have tried the following steps in order to try to look for the missing tracker so we can proceed:
– Check your Dashboard to see the last time your tracker synced. If it synced recently, that means it is within 15-20 feet of a computer with the Fitbit Connect software installed and a Dongle plugged in.
– Look near your laundry. Many users find that their trackers wind up in the dirty clothes pile if they clip their trackers onto their clothing.
– Set a silent alarm to see if you can hear the vibrations.
– If you have paired your Fitbit tracker with a mobile device, you can take that device to the area where your tracker may have been lost, and watch for it to sync. This may help you to pinpoint its location.
Let us know if you still can’t find your tracker in a few days and we will see what else we can do to help.
Sincerely, Caroline and the Fitbit Team

I returned to the library and wandered the snow-choked parking lot with my Galaxy Note held before me, searching for a Bluetooth connection with my device. I looked like a bloody prospector or someone searching for uranium under the asphalt. No luck. In the library, the lovely librarian, Bonnie, got down on her hands and knees with a yardstick to sweep under the magazine stacks just in case Bean had been kicked out of sight. Defeated, I thanked her and slogged home.I tried the next suggestion – try to sync. The connection was made immediately. What? Okay, so either the dongle on my desktop was sending out false signals or the FitBit was somewhere in my vicinity. I opened every bag in the garage just in case it had fallen inside. All I found was that the mice have been feasting on the sunflower seeds meant for the bird feeder. I fiddled with my phone and set the ‘silent’ alarm. Both Hub and I could hear something. We moved all of the furniture in the hallway. Nope. After half an hour and repeated alarms, I pressed my ear to the wall by the garage door. The vibration was loud and clear. Where was it?

We figured that my closet was above the downstairs hallway. I raced upstairs and started flinging stuf out of my closet. Louder, louder. I moved around some summer shoes and there it was, blinking all cute and buzzing loudly. I can’t believe how thrilled I was to see my little burgundy Bean. Still charged up, ready to record my movements. Thank you Caroline. Great customer service!