20140103_143547Brrrr. The thermometer on the deck registered minus 26 this morning when we sat down for breakfast. Even though the sun was out, I had no illusions about how frigid it was outside. For most of the night, I’d bolt awake when the wooden rafters or some the physical element of the house cracked like a rifle shot, contracting in the cold. At some point it sounded as if someone was stomping on the roof, but the only creatures above our heads are the audacious mice who refuse to die off, despite the trays and trays of warfarin we deposit for them.

Day three. I slept all right. Caved last night around 9 o’clock and microwave popped some raw popcorn, added a tablespoon of melted butter and some Keg seasoning. It tasted sort of good while I was eating it and reading Eating Clean magazine, but afterwards, I felt like I’d let myself down. I was still within my daily caloric envelope, but I should have had yogurt and fruit. Lesson learned.

As I was brushing my teeth this morning, I heard the announcer talking about Jane Seymour being on the cover of some magazine, in a bikini. At first I thought, you twit, but then I got annoyed. He (who could stand to lose a few dozen pounds) was marvelling (in a roundabout way) that a 62 year old woman could have a body she’d want to display in public. She shares ‘simple, keep slim secrets’. Yeah, I have some of those, too – being born with skinny genes and not eating more than a few mouthfuls of anything at one time. I checked out the Huffington Post website and ironically, in the upper right hand corner of the magazine cover was a lovey-dovey Michael Douglas and Catherine Z-J. Now there’s an aging actor who has taken manscaping to a whole new level. He reminds me of a shocked puppet in a nice suit.

I was reading some articles on Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat blog. ONe caught my eye – ‘Top 10 Ways for Regular People to Get Motivated‘. The first is to use a journal to track your progress, your food and your training. Doing that. I’m using the tracker on his website, but also Calorie Count, which features scary Jillian Michaels (she of Biggest Loser fame and abs you could knead bread dough on) and My Fitness Pal, for a start. Yes, having to be honest enough to write down every morsel can be very humbling. A taste of mashed potatoes? A sample of meatloaf? Over the lips, onto the hips.

I have to drink more fluids. Think I’ll make a bottle of lemon juice, fresh ginger and honey water to add to water for a hot beverage so I don’t have to think twice about mixing before imbibing. Then I’ll sit upstairs in the sun and read, maybe write a bit. I’m grateful for today.

Breakfast – 1 cup Kashi Go-Lean with 1 cup strawberries and 3/4 cup 2% milk (skim looks too much like breast milk to be palatable)

Lunch – 2 cups of vegetable barley lentil soup, handful of Popchips with store bought red pepper hummus

Dinner – sauteed tilapia, brown rice pilaf, broccoli. Small glass red wine

Snack – bowl of Iogo yogurt with mixed berries (thawed, sweetened with honey).