PostH blueishB 07 resized

Whoo-ooo. Another pound lost last week. It was that damned fast food at the roadside stop that messed up my minus 1.5 pounds a week trajectory. No matter. I’ll have to go to the gym and do some weights. Sticking to the walking circuit at lunch three times a week certainly has helped. But the brutish cold keeps me inside.

Starting today, I’m going to my fallback meal – a hearty vegetable soup with some split peas, onions and mushrooms. Filling, but low in calories. As a base, I’m using the rich broth and vegetables from the crock pot pot roast we had for dinner.

To celebrate (for no reason at all other than that we were together at table), we opened a bottle of fantastic wine. Hub first tasted it at a business dinner a couple of weeks ago. He said it was like a party in his mouth. After slowly sipping two glasses (one with dinner, one for dessert), I agree. The South African winery is called Post House. They produce vintages with names such as Penny Black 2011, Missing Virgin 2011, Merry Widow Shiraz 2011 and Golden Monkey 2011.

Here’s a description of the wine we tried: BLUEISH BLACK 2012 – “Shiraz 34%, Pinotaqge 29%, Cabernet 18%, Merlot 19%. Dark blueish black wine with good colour. A nose of mulberries,red currant and ripe strawberries with a hint of pepper and spice. Full bodied rich wine with supple soft tannins for easy drinking. Enjoy now or keep for up to 4 years.”

The best news – it’s only $12.95 a bottle. We bought a case, but the thing is, it’s being discontinued. There are about 900 bottles still available in the LCBO system, so we’re going to order another case and store the bottles for gifts and for sipping later on when the weather is better.