Fitbit week of Jan 22Well, tomorrow is another weigh-day. Not sure how I’ll do because although I’ve cut my calorie intake, I ate at restaurants over the weekend.Tried to cut back on my overall volume of food, but some days, it’s hard.

What I really like about my new FitBit, which I call ‘the Bean’, is that I get a weekly summary of my accomplishments. I can’t believe how wearing the thing has changed my behaviour. Instead of filling my arms with stuff to carry downstairs, I take a lighter load and make several trips. Those jaunts up and down the stairs really rack up the step count.I walk down the stairs at work a couple of times a day but I confess, I usually take the elevator up. Today after lunch, I walked up seven flights of stairs. I could do it, but I realize that I still hate that heart-pounding breathless feeling that I get. I’m going to keep trying it once a day, to build up my stamina.

I’ve kept up doing my laps at work for half an hour at lunch time. There are now half a dozen other women doing the same thing. Hey, I started a trend! I’ve never been a trend-setter before. Feels sort of neat, actually.