This is so scary. A month ago, this would have been an ordinary day’s intake for me. Go out for breakfast at a restaurant. Good Lord – 700 calories for one meal. That’s more than half what I try to eat now on a daily basis… Have been eating for the last few weeks, with room to spare. I certainly didn’t get much exercise in to counteract the over-eating. The numbers don’t lie. This is awful. Did I want to go splurge more? No. So that’s a positive. I’ve had my ‘cheats’ for the next two weeks.

18 Jan overageI was brutally honest about what I put into my mouth on Saturday. That was the day of the funeral.

I ate one sparerib (yeah, it as greasy), a couple of spoonfuls or rice and some green beans at the reception afterwards. Drank water instead of wine. Had a sandwich on the road because there is nowhere to buy a piece of grilled chicken at a roadside stop. Tim Horton’s or A&W were the choices. 19 Jan food

I thought the sandwich would be less dangerous. It wasn’t. The salami and mayo tasted good. But why did I finish the whole thing, small as it seemed?

I was sort of hungry. Honestly, if there’d been a KFC in the OnRoute stop, I’d have had a piece of that. And regretted it even more.

The celery I’d packed Friday had gone a bit mushy. I was feeling sad and tired. My leg hurt a lot. Who knew that a %$#@ sandwich and a cookie would be so calorically lethal? But I have to learn not to let excuses knock me off my goal.

Okay. Take a deep breath. Thanks to My Fitness Pal, I know how far I’ve fallen off the weight-loss wagon. It’s not the end of the world. Today, I start over.