Who-hoo. I love it when a box from Amazon arrives. It’s like Christmas every time. My FitBit arrived today. I tore that little burgundy baby out of its tough plastic case, turned it on and plugged in the tiny USB dongle. It was so easy to set up and link to My Fitness Pal.Every time I walk by my laptop, the FitBit connects to sync the data. Wow. It even counts when I go up and down the stairs, which is great because I do that a lot.

zero-rtb0-cup1While I was making dinner (extra lean beef chili with pinto beans and cubed tomato sauce, 1/2 sweet potato oven roasted ‘fries’, large green salad with balsamic and olive oil dressing). Instead of wine, I drank some herbal tea with dinner. Good thing, too, because when I input my food selections for today, I hit my calorie count instead of being below. I’m feeling a bit hungry but perhaps I’ll go to bed early so I don’t get tempted to eat something. Which is sort of pathetic.

Oh, wait! I forgot to enter my exercise – I walked for 30 minutes and did 2800 steps. Now I have a credit of 121 calories. I think I’ll have some IÖGO no-fat yogurt for a treat. It’s thick and fresh tasting and has a great mouth feel.Key lime pie. Cafe Mocha. 35 calories per 100 grams.  Then I’ll run up and downstairs a couple of times and feel really virtuous. Unfortunately, I don’t feel any thinner.