goddessI braved the icy roads yesterday to attend an all-day workshop sponsored by the Toronto Romance Writers at the Northern Library in Toronto. Great session by Kate Bridges on Romance 101 and the Business of Writing.

Managed to restrain myself at lunch. I ordered teriyaki chicken with rice and napa cabbage slaw. No cookies, no dessert. Snacked on slices of red pepper and half a dozen salted nuts. Salt is my nemesis. I dutifully recorded my intake and didn’t do too badly. Rewarded myself with a bowl of homemade caramel corn last night (left over from Christmas, still crispy). I felt full afterwards, too. Nibbled each cluster like a bloody chipmunk. Didn’t eat a whole big bag of it and was satisfied. Felt virtuous. Working on getting my goddess body back will take time, but I’m up for it.

Getting ready for the Writers’ Community of York Region meeting in a little while. A great group of folks. I’ll probably have to ‘eat light’ for supper because Chef Deb will have another tasty lunch for us that might put me over my calorie deficit goal. This will be a test of my willpower.

Back to walking my circuit at work tomorrow. Haven’t done any exercise since Wednesday, damn it. Pulled a muscle in my thigh doing squats in the kitchen. I need to remember to warm up first. My massage therapist keeps telling me that I must learn to respect my body. She’s kind enough not to say ‘aging body’. Thank you, Wendy.