Humans are born for stories.

We connect through stories.

Stories allow us to experience the similarities between ourselves and others. The first storytellers were cave-dwellers huddling around a campfire, recounting the events of their day, celebrating triumphs, mourning losses and trying not to fear the unseen terrors lurking in the dark.

As a writer, it is our task to make our readers care. Have you seen the movie, Wall-E? It’s touching and universal, even if the protagonist is a machine rather than a human.

What is the promise you make to your readers or listeners when you start your story? Once upon a time… invite them in.

“A well-told promise is like a pebble being pulled back in a slingshot and propels you through the story to the end.”

Can you start from the ending of your story and work back to the beginning?

Give it a try.