If there’s one thing all writers agree on, it’s that writing is TOUGH. The road to publication twists and dips as we learn the craft, hone our abilities, create characters and stories we’re passionate about, fight discouragement, educate ourselves about the industry…and then start the process all over again as we realize there’s room to improve.

I’ve found a polished, user-friendly website loaded with information that makes a tough job easier.

Sure we’re wordsmiths, but the craft has so many dimensions, genres, audiences, styles, theories, that it’s easy to get bogged down and throw up our hands.

Finding a good writing book, an informative blog from someone you trust, a mentor or critique partner to share the journey with…these ease our journey along the writing path.

If you are like me, writing is like unleashing a fountain of words that grows into scenes that end up as poems, a short story or a novel. Becoming more skilled – without too much time or effort – is always a goal.

Want to amp up your creativity? Get unstuck? I highly recommend One Stop For Writers.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have served as a beta tester (sounds like I should be wearing a lab coat and a pocket protector bristling with pens) for the last month and can honestly say that this writing resource is AMAZING.

One Stop For Writers is not writing software, but a powerful online library that contains tools, unique description collections, helpful tutorials and much more. It’s easy to use and contains a wealth of information that a serious writer can use. OSFW is brought to you by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, the authors of The Emotion Thesaurus and Lee Powell, the creator of Scrivener for Windows.

My print versions of both books are dog-eared from frequent use, so having a readily-available electronic resource is terrific.

No more carting the hard copies to coffee shops or writers’ workshops – I can access the site from my laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone. How great is THAT? Check out their nifty video.

Could One Stop For Writers be the writing partner you’ve been searching for? Visit Writers Helping Writers this week and see, where Angela, Lee and Becca are celebrating their venture with prizes and some pay-it-forward fun.