Yikes. I did it. Used a wooden Swedish sauna bucket that leaked like a sieve – I forgot to soak it in water beforehand and swell the seams. No matter. I had a couple of liters of ice, some in chunks. Standing in the hot sun with a screwdriver breaking it into smaller pieces was  challenge because all I could think about were those cold chips sliding down my back.

Hub was the videographer. We had to change the position of my chair so that I wouldn’t have my back to the sun. Plus hornets have built a nest on our abandoned barbecue on the lower patio. They weren’t too happy that I was so close and I had no intention of getting stung again.

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I completed the challenge and I’m proud of myself. I’m going to give a cash donation anyway, but this is the first time I’ve  done something like this since high school. I don’t care about the famous people doing it – this was something close to home that I could accomplish.  Does it bother me that some lab somewhere in the world uses discarded embryonic stem cells to try to figure out how to save human lives from this disease? No. Those of us who have our health or who have the capacity to give should do stuff like this more often.

Usually, I’m not a joiner. Honestly, I did it because my son dared me to. Some grumpy opinionator called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the ‘Harlem Shake of 2014’.  Or another means of encouraging ‘slacktivism’, especailly if people just pour the ice bucket over their heads and fail to donate. Pah! Spoil sports.

Hooray for those of us who ‘just do it’! And yes, please remember to donate.