We’ve been waiting for the Lifestyle Windows installers to arrive with the nine windows and two sliding glass doors that were supposed to be installed today. Nothing yet. I knew they had a door to install this morning, but what the hell is so complicated about installing a door? What a waste of time. I could have gone to work. THis all brings to mind a wonderful line from the Fairy Godmother in one of the Shrek movies: “Now you’ve done it. I need something sweet, deep fried and dipped in chocolate.”

angelI was going to do some sewing, but I’m not in the mood for having workmen upstairs and downstairs as I’m trying on half-finished garments. I was going to do some writing but instead I’ve farted around with Pinterest, Ravelry and emails all day. I did find some knockout knitting patterns – something to do while Hub is watching TV in the evenings and my brain takes a hike out of boredom at how stupid prime time television is. It’s either keep my hands busy or go upstairs to ‘iron’ while catching up on Season one of Game of Thrones.

Any inspiration I have has totally evaporated as I seethe at the unprofessionalism of them making such a late start. The reason I stayed home is that the biggest project is in my office and I wanted to be here while they tore down and rebuilt part of a wall and installed a smaller pane of glass. Then I plan to paint the walls. Nothing too wild, but something to cover the bland dirtied beige el cheapo paint the former owner slapped on before listing the house.

My guardian angel seems to have sworn off the hard stuff. I’ll wait another few hours then I’ll make up for her abstinence. I just had a thought – what if my guardian angel is a dude? Wouldn’t that be a kick.

Update: they showed up at 1:35 minus the sliding glass door and materials to replace the fixture in my office, minus the dining room window which is another huge job. Now we’ll have to call the alarm company multiple times to bypass the wiring on the existing doors and windows then get the technician rescheduled to reattached to the new doors. Grrrrr. The sun must be over the yardarm somewhere.