Well, not really filler but posted without as much thought as usually goes into these productions. I’m still beavering away, learning more about the writing craft and listenting to the comments of others. Some are more accomplished; some appear to be just starting out.

Having read nine sets of ‘partials’, I am very aware how critical it is to research, research, research.

Saying it’s so does not make it so. Do your homework, people. If your opening sentence is about a supervisor screaming obscenities at the protagonist, you’d better be damned sure that could possibly happen. INBEDO~1

Even back in the bad old days when there were few employee protections, that kind of behaviour was just not on. Today, labour laws and company codes of conduct do not allow that sort of thing. It’s called workplace harassment. People get fired for such egregious behaviour – more so than predator bosses geting caught fishing off the company dock, its the relationships that poison the workplace that have the most corrosive impact. There are legal and procedural remedies as well.

Don’t write about police or court procedures when you have no clue about how things really work. All it takes is a quick Google search. It’s hard to keep reading when the basic elements that support the plot are so wrong.