This is a photo of a souk in Deira, Dubai, Uni...

Souk in Deira, Dubai, UAE – 9 May 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the gateway between the east and the west. Population of more than 2 million people from over 200 nationalities. Talk about cosmopolitan. Decades ago, Dubai was a pearl-diving centre. Now it is one of the glitziest and fastest growing cities anywhere. If they don’t have enough land, they’ll make some.

It’s hot. There’s desert all around. Indoor malls with ski hills. The Atlantis restaurant with walls that face the sea. Very expensive everything in the shops. Old-world markets piled high with gold, cloth and fragrant spices. We have four days to see as much as we can. I think I’ll pass on the camel rides and sand-boarding, though.

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