Last week, we visited New Mexico – Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Rented a vehicle and drove the Interstate. The weather was beautiful – mainly sunny and cool. Lots of history and pride in their traditions. The only thing that gave me pause was the errant thought that many of the folks I was in the company of, were probably packing firearms. Thank goodness there were no incidents.

I wandered around on my own for a few days while Hub did his thing giving two presentations on international business education at the NASBITE conference. Looked at lots of overpriced jewellery, bought some art, visited a three hundred year old church, had some lunch. Took hundreds of photographs.

Doors. I have this thing about doors. Photographing doors. Trying to figure out what’s behind them – the secrets, the lives, the emotions. To me, they represent so much – the gateway to secrets, to the insides of dwellings that are hidden from the street. Doors represent escape from what happens inside to the relative safety of the public space outside.

I’m not inspired today (toiling under the pressure of several writing assignment deadlines). Here are some of the photos I took of interesting doors. Maybe, once I get some time, I’ll use them for story prompts.