eat-less-move-more1I am sooo thrilled with my FitBIt. I was able to link the FitBit dashboard and it will automatically post my stats. These are for yesterday: My fitbit #Fitstats for 1/13/2014: 811 steps and 0.3 miles traveled.  I opened up the package when I got home around five o’clock, did the set up and plugged it in to charge. Even for the short time I wore it, I racked up a few hundred steps. I wore it last night to track my sleep patterns. I only had about 8 minutes of restless sleep (I got up to go to the bathroom twice). We’ll see what the results are from tonight.

Recording my food and beverage intake on My Fitness Pal is so easy. I find that I’m less hungry as each day goes by. For a treat tonight, I baked some oatmeal and homemade granola cookies. A cup of butter and two eggs are included – if I can shave off calories during the day, why shouldn’t I splurge on a taste-fest n the evening. I’m restricting myself to two cookies. Something to look forward to.

Tomorrow is a weigh-day. My clothes don’t seem to be any looser but I do feel less sluggish. We’ll see. If I haven’t lost what I wanted, I won’t be dismayed and fall off the wagon. There’s always next week. Eat less, move more.