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Andrew Clark, a columnist for the Globe and Mail, wrote on September 7th about a blight called “The Creeper”.
He said: “Creepers view traffic manners as inconvenient hurdles meant for other drivers to obey. The creeper counts on one thing and one thing only – that you won’t smash into him as he executes his rude and often illegal road tricks.

Had the Honda guy tried strolling past and cutting in front of a line of 40 people at the movies you would have had to take a number in order to get your turn punching him in the face. Few folks – UFC fighters and orthopedic surgeons excepted – are brave enough to try such a stunt in public… Of all our car-born transgressions, however, cutting in line is the most widespread. Every second or every minute somewhere, some idiot is butting in line. What’s most infuriating is that they so often get away with it. Folks either let them in or stall them off, causing even more problems.”

Mr. Clark touched a raw nerve, because talk radio this morning was abuzz with rage at these nimrods who ignore the sign that signals the right lane is ending, continue at full speed, maybe signal a turn but never turn their heads to make eye contact with those of us who are polite or forced to let them merge left. Chicken, for sure… especially when your insurance policy exclusions flash in front of your eyes and you wonder, “would it be my fault or his fault if we share a fender-kiss?” At the same time, you wish upon him (or her – road morons’ execrable behaviour is equal opportunity) a plague of pubic vermin and door dings. Clear roads or snow-choked – they don’t care. Ugh.

A rare (1 of 119) copy of ornithologist and entrepreneur James Audubon‘s Birds of America, valued at between $6.2 million and $9.2 million is up for sale. A copy of a 1623 First Folio of Shakespeare’s is expected to be sold for under $3 million.  Birds or the Bard? Big bucks…

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