Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped watching the news and can barely get through the few articles appearing in the daily newspapers, but I’m losing track of time. The shit is relentless, and I can’t spend every day with my hands over my ears.


It’s not that I’m not busy, it’s just that my world is getting smaller and more focused after each disastrous story cramming the airways. Deliberate avoidance. A cosmic la-la-la-la-la.

The pond (world) in which we live is polluted with bad shit. The past is beginning to look really, really good. Simple, clean, ordered – at least on the surface. Remember those days when we didn’t instantly know the body count of the most recent atrocity? I long for that not-knowing.


I used to love the news. was my favourite site for years. But now….The end-of-worlders are gradually beginning to sound less insane than they used to a decade ago.


Disease, death, starvation, war, natural disasters. It’s all too much, dammit, even if they don’t affect me directly. Stabbings, kidnappings, murder, difference-bashing, cop-killings, hit-and-runs.It’s knowing about the suffering of others that’s getting harder to bear, because I can do so little about it.

Even the newest craze (and damn, don’t I wish I’d owned Nintendo stock) Pokemon-Go is a threat to life and limb. Stupid people seeking their 15 seconds of fame shoot videos while they walk into traffic or on subway tracks (I hope they charge the publicity-seeking idiot). Insurrections, coups, drunken pilots.

Hub and I speak of vacations abroad, but our hearts just aren’t in it any more. Zika mosquitoes, terrorism, currency craziness, climate change, sky-high ticket prices. Ugh.


So, for the next while, I’m not posting anything serious. I’m going to work on my books and do house and garden chores while listening to historical romance novels with no social significance except for my entertainment.


Yes, I’m retreating into the world of things that make me laugh instead of cry. No cat videos or puppies, but escapism and silliness.