Does it make you crazy when software updates to your phone or computer operating system bung things up worse than they were before?I’ve got so many layers of anti-virus and anti-spam and ad blockers that things take forever to load up. This week I realized the bluetooth voice dialing handshake between my car and my phone had gone kerflooey. Of course I went to Google and found out that the recent Samsung update was the problem. I’ve been trying to roll back to an earlier version but some gremlin keeps reinstalling the most recent version, even though I’ve purged it from my hard drive. Love technology but not when it misbehaves.

Speaking of misbehaving, Mother Nature has been particularly bitchy this week. Goodness, even the brick walls are cracking in the cold. This is definitely not the time to be a firefighter or hydro lineman doing repairs in a bucket above a busy road. The thermometer read -23 this morning and that’s on the deck out of the wind. It’s hat/boots/scarf/heavy mitts weather for sure. There were a few frost-quakes last night – those things are really powerful. But the power and heat are on, I can move around without a cane or the urge to bite the heads off small animals and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so all is right with the world. Except winter has lasted too long.

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Stare at those photos for a few minutes. Imagine the warm salty waves crashing on the beach. The creak of the wooden docks rising and falling under the gentle swell of surf. If you bend close to the pebbles you can hear the crinkle of the water flowing through. Ahhh.

My BFF and her husband have been spending the winter in Naples, FLorida, where on a cool day it’s just below 70. I want sun blazing out of a deep blue sky so hot it crisps the skin on my arms and I have to put on a long-sleeved blouse and sunscreen (yes, I burn). I want to loll under a poolside umbrella sipping chilled drinks and listening to salsa music while I read my Kindle and play stupid games. Ummm.

But this is southern Ontario and just like the Toronto Maple Leaf losing streak, the grey windy days will continue to depress us until the season ends and we can start thinking about golf again.