Today’s blog will be about nothing much except for peace and goodwill. Why? I’m gobsmacked about a couple of sessions I sat through the other day at a workshop about international business. Hub made two plenary presentations focused on how to get the job done and the pitfalls companies should look out for. You know, practical stuff. Very much like baking a cake – you follow a proven recipe.

Get this, though. Governments (provincial and federal) are tossing millions of dollars like Halloween candies at small and medium sized business to ‘encourage’ employment growth. From what I can see, they are propping up companies that, under normal circumstances when excellence = success and mediocrity = failure, they would have no place in the economic firmament. I’ll write about it tomorrow once my blood pressure has subsided to below the boiling point.

Instead of blistering the keyboard as I expiate my rage at the waste of our hard-earned dollars, I’m retreating into levity.

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I can’t get it out of my mind – one woman was almost orgasmic about companies being able to ‘layer on’ multiple grants and no-interest loans to keep their fledgling businesses afloat. Honestly, selling this tale of delusion and fake hope for prosperity is sad. The thing is, it sounds like she’s making a lot of money showing people how to do it.

At least with writers, we don’t drag half a dozen hapless employees in our wake as we strike out on our voyage of self-discovery through multiple drafts, rejections and muted success.