We’ve all been on organizations where the people in executive positions stay on far too long to be effective or useful. I believe in leaving on a high note.

A huge shout out to my good friends at the Writers’ Community of York Region (WCYR). Last June, at our final meeting of the early 2014 season, the members and my colleagues on the Executive ambushed me with a lovely farewell. I’m not going anywhere far, I’m just moving on from being President to being Past President. I’m a firm believer in regenerative turnover. I’d been President since September 2011 when WCYR was born. Three years was a nice run. I’ve met some amazing writers and authors, both beginners and professionals and I’m very grateful to be working with the folks on the Board of Directors. As they say, though, ‘for every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven‘. My purpose continues, but I’d decided it was time to close the season on my presidency.

To get back to the original point (squirrel!). The June meeting had gone as usual. I’d finished my speechifying and was eating my lunch when I heard my name called. Elaine, our Vice President, gave me a heartfelt send-off. Yes, I began tearing up immediately as everyone got up for a standing ovation. My heart swelled. Yes, I had to overcome my basic reticence about being ‘out there’ in public and finally made a wobbly thank you as I dabbed at my eyes. All in all, it was wonderful.

hbhlogoI was gifted with a card for Hungry Brew Hop, a trendy Toronto-type brew pub that opened early this year. The selection of beer is huge and varied. It’s always packed and noisy.

We arrived unfashionably early to snag a table by the window. I had a Belgian cherry ale; Hub had a dark Amsterdam ale. I ordered hamburger with beer braised onions, white cheese and shaved steak; Hub got a plain burger. With fries of course. The beer was chilled and delicious. The burgers were juicy and huge. And the room actually wasn’t that busy but the noise level was high enough we almost had to yell to have a conversation. No matter. Our mouths were busy chewing.

Newmarket’s Main Street was ablaze with overflowing floral displays and bustling with people and vehicles. The weather – the first 30+ degree day of the summer – was a joy outside but we were dining in air-conditioned comfort. It was even cooler to hand the cheery server my gift card – the first one they’d ever offered. I like being first. I loved date night with Hub.

Writers are such generous people with their time, their experiences and their advice. I am grateful for my good writer friends, my gift card and for the experience I shared with the love of my life. Thank you WCYR.