It’s not such a hard life rising at eight o’clock, wandering to the adult pool to pick up our towels then eating a leisurely breakfast against  backdrop of crashing tides from the beach a couple hundred meters away.


For the past week I’ve wallowed in the pleasure of having someone else making my meals to order, cleaning and fluffing our room, bringing cold drinks in the afternoon when the sun is high and hot in the clear blue sky. Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay  has been a much-needed escape from the frigid never-ending grey of Ontario winter. It’s March already, which means that the seed catalogues are probably in the mail – can spring be far behind?

I’ve been browsing the negative comments on tripAdvisor- very instructive. Most of the scorn is for the aggressive sales tactics for timeshares. Well, that’s their job. All you have to do is say ‘no thanks’ and walk away. Same for the cheerful dude flogging spa services or bottom fishing tours every day.

In fact, all of the folks we’ve spoken to over the last week are ‘owners’ from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and states that have as much ugly winter weather as we do. Unlike in Canada, where the rules are fairly tight and you hardly every hear of anything but ‘fractional ownership’,  the U.S. market sounds like the wild west of caveat emptor. From what we’ve heard, all of the 380+ suites are timeshare, as well as the spectacular villas. Those folks paid $10,000 for, as one man said, ‘the privilege of paying maintenance on a place we can use two weeks a year’. Plus, of course, meals and the flight down.

When you do the math, it just doesn’t make sense. In fact, when Hub calculated, we are paying less for a one week all-inclusive than the ‘owners’. Yet, we’re in the same lovely setting, with a huge room, great food included plus airfare. Sure there’s a fridge, stove and kitchen stuff available, but who wants to be here doing the same chores as at home?It just makes no sense to be here and have to make your own food.

The other negative comments were about how far the place is from town (20 minutyes by bus) and the fact that the guests are predominantly over 40 and the place is too quiet. Hell, yeah! Drunken louts need not apply. Thank goodness the place is not one of the standard low-cost venues.

It’s great to loll around hearing quiet R&B and 60s tunes instead of raucous laughter and lots of splashing. Yup, we’re officially old farts. With time and money. Love it, love it.