Acer platanoides in autumn colors.

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Where is the time going? It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already over. The weather is fabulous – warm (no, hot) summer days and cool breezy nights. Problem is, the mosquitoes are back. Our apple tree is laden with ruby-red fruit and the yellow-jackets are having a great time piercing their way into the best of the bunch then inviting their friends over to destroy what’s left. The little suckers are everywhere. No complaints, though. Once it gets really frosty, they’ll be gone to wherever stinging things go for the winter. Crazy lack squirrels have been excavating the lawn like crazy. They’re not happy the grass is so long.

The family was over yesterday – the kids picked apples, cut them up and assembled an apple crisp that was delicious. Had the perfect turkey, smoked on the BBQ – 7 kg. gave us enough for dinner, take-home leftovers and great ones for lots of soup. Lunch today – turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce sandwiches with mayo on whole wheat bread.

Took my mind off the fact that my relatively new computer (December 209) hard drive went poof on Friday. Of course, I had 500G of stuff on there including about 10,000 photos, 3,000 songs. The thing is, my 1999 Dell and 2005 HP CPUs that I gave to my son are still working fine. Go figure. It’s just that they didn’t have enough memory for me.

Luckily I’d backed up my documents the day before, but it;s the emails and attachments and contacts that will have to be re-installed that will take such a long time to fix up, even with the Outlook .pst files. But Dan. the IT guru at PC Corner in Newmarket is working his magic to recover the drive contents. Still, I have to get a new one installed – a Terabyte is only about $80 but the labour costs twice as much. Hopefully the HP recovery discs work. Next time this one craps out, I’m going to have them build me one from scratch – they quote only $600-800 and use high quality components.

I’m getting to know my Lenovo Thinkpad tablet for now. I love that I can use the electronic pen to do data entry. And there are Android apps for almost everything. USB port, HDMI and I’ve inserted a 32G SD memory card, so there’s lots of space. Unfortunately, the iPhone won’t sync or tether to it, which is a pain, but then again, that’s Apple. I’ll be using it to edit my novel. Plus, it’s a killer e-book reader – Kobo, Kindle, Sony. The Sony reader I bought 4 years ago cost the same, but certainly doesn’t have the functionality. Another tech toy to look forward to..