All righty then. Our annual Christmas missive (all 10 pages of it) is finally done. Scrolling through thousands of photos to illustrate the narrative is a royal pain, but on the positive side, seeing what we took pictures of and remembering what we were doing, made me smile.

Last weekend, after the Toronto Romance Writers’ potluck lunch, I wandered over to Fairview Mall for a walkabout. Good Lord, but it was crowded.


All shapes, sizes and colours of folks, too many mini-car sized strollers to count, a cacophony of Christmas tunes from every store and a 100 yard lineup of parents waiting to pay to have their kid sit on Santa’s knee. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. Most people walked around empty-handed and, apparently, empty-headed.

The menu for our Christmas Eve smorgasbord is final and except for the fresh ground pork and beef for the meatballs, all the ingredients are on hand. My shopping is almost done – it’s easier than ever this year because we made some purchases in Asia, plus I really only have to buy for Hub. What do you get the man who has everything, including me? I’ll figure it out. Now it’s time to get down to baking.

Never one to approach this week’s Hump Day on a down note, I leave you this video of Psy. The man is a legend. He put the Republic of Korea on the map much more than Samsung or Hyundai or Kia ever did.

The crowd at this outdoor performance in Seoul Central Plaza is massive, and so typical of the joy and energy we found in Koreans when they are being entertained. Check out the faces – young old, Asian, Caucasian, male, female. They all shout out the words and get down with the moves. Such wonderful exuberance in a country that has yanked itself from being a copycat-poor-quality-backwards facing entity to a world leader in innovation and technology.

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