Heavy rains today and wind gusts up to 60 kilometers an hour. I drove north for a tutoring session with Maria, the lady who teaches our European pattern drafting course. I think I learned more in an hour with her than I have in three or four Friday evening classes. No distractions. The highway north was wet and messy; going home was awful – sheets of highway slop thrown up from the wheels of transport trucks. Twits driving the speed limit in the passing lane, unwilling to get out of the way. Visibility was so bad, I think they got stuck theer and were terrified to shift to the right lane.

2014-04-25 11.44.16All the chatter today is about road closures in downtown Toronto and how commuters are losing their minds stuck for hours in the daily traffic crawl. My suggestion is to kill two birds with one stone – create marketable goods or things to be donated to charities and relieve some of their stress. Every solo driver should be issued a craft kit – hand embroidery, lap quilting or knitting would be suitable because the work isn’t so finicky that you have to stare at your hands all the time. Beading would be out of the question because those little suckers spill all over the place.

After a week or two of slow commutes, they’d be calmer and have learned a new skill besides cursing and swearing. They’d also have something to talk about besides the ugly driving.