2012 ANA- spilled inkOne thing about committing to writing a blog entry every day is that I am forced – yes forced – to think up something to write about. Sometimes I get inspiration from something I read in the newspaper or hear on the morning news, or something odd that I see when I’m out and about. An incidental benefit is that I’ve started editing the first draft of my novel and I feel that it’s getting close to being ready for prime time. I’m tinkering with a couple of books of short stories that need some work and I have a couple of girlfriends lined up to read the erotic stories, so I’m motivated. I’ve also been studying – about writing, creating compelling story lines and pruning, pruning, pruning down to the essence.

Here are some wise words from established authors.

Kristina Katz, writing in The Prosperous Writer E-Zone, notes that “that a writer of substance (who has practiced and cultivated skills over time, who has earned confidence by doing) will always be able to create opportunities for themselves… believe in and invest in …success slowly, steadily, and incrementally…Consistency pays off, folks.

Margot Kinberg, writing In The Spotlight (http://margotkinberg.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/in-the-spotlight-archer-mayors-paradise-city/), says: “Authors who write series (as opposed to standalones) face the challenge of welcoming new readers no matter where they start. On the one hand, new readers won’t feel they can fully enjoy a story if there are too many story arc developments, ‘inside jokes’ and so on. On the other, fans of the series will be put off if everything is explained in every novel. It’s a tricky balance.”

There’s so much advice online, it’s hard to keep up. But I’m trying to focus on what I need for my kind of writing. The work is fun plus I get to keep improving what I love, which is putting fingers to keyboard.