Another glorious warm day. I went shopping with only a light jacket on and it felt amazing. Costco was crowded with families shopping with the kids who were off school today. The food sample ladies were going full steam to keep the lineups moving. Driving home, the sun had that sparkly glint that only heated air can bring. Red-tailed hawks floated over the farmer’s fields – the turned over soil must present a buffet of little wild things. A line of bundled-up golfers was whacking balls onto the grass that is probably still frozen.

Great DaneHub and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner when one of the homeliest critters I’ve ever seen loped across the greening lawn and started cavorting with the neighbour’s aging German Sheppard. The creature was mottled dark and light – at that distance, I couldn’t tell if it was black or brown. Big as a pony with knobby legs that reminded me of a giraffe. Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything stronger than water because I’d have wondered if there was some strange chemical in my glass.

The window was open to let in some spring air and we could hear someone calling. I couldn’t make out the name. The beast leaped into the air, whipped his bushel-basket head around, did a 180 degree turn then hit the ground running towards the voice. Scoopy Doo in a spotted costume. I realized it was a great Dane. Its owner – our neighbour from down the cul-de-sac – was standing in the vacant lot next door amongst the dead weeds and discarded landscaping gunk waving a leash the size of a boat hawser. It was more of an enticement than an actual restraint because the huge animal sashayed over and very obediently strolled back with his master.

If I find any over-sized piles of poo in the yard, I won’t have to guess where they came from. I just hope I never get to meet him, especially at twilight as I’m out there moving the watering hose.