What am I thinking today? That it’s wonderful to be alive. That there’s a hint of green fuz on some of the trees in the back yard. The grass is brilliant, if you can overlook the scruffy brownish patches.

2014 apr 17 FitbitOn Good Friday, I don’t eat any meat – a concession to my convent school upbringing and decades of fish on Fridays. It wasn’t a hardship. Boiled eggs with butter and toast with homemade freezer raspberry/ginger /mint jam)) for breakfast. Broccoli and cheddar cheese soup with homemade baking powder flax biscuits for lunch. Mussels in wine sauce with crusty whole grain garlic bread for supper. Then a brisk walk around the block. Except that I’m faster than I used to be and it only took fifteen minutes.

130 flights of stairs for the week. Now that’s momentous! It helps to wear off the excess butt stuff and tighten my calves. I don’t puff so much now when I climb to the third floor form the basement. My step count will be low today because I spent most of it sitting at my sewing machine and serger. But I’m feeling good. Energetic and healthy. Still stoked about losing two pounds. Determined not to backslide.

Looking forward to spending tomorrow with the family. We are truly blessed to live in a relatively civil society, a country where we have freedom, peace and no fear of crazed next door neighbours with guns under their beds. There are still folks going hungry or worrying where their rent money will come from. We have to build a better world so that they can enjoy life as well. I am so grateful for my life – holidays do that to me.