One of my all-time heroes Chris Hadfield talks about options and poses the question, “What is the most scary thing you’ve ever done?” Dealing with fear vs. danger, seeing the world in a way that is impossible through any other means. The jaw-dropping gorgeousness of the self-propelled art gallery that is our world. He’s so lyrical yet factual about “the astronaut business”. He tells us how space walking puts everything into perspective as you hold on with one hand and watch the mesmerizing sights around you in the textured blackness of space. Going blind in first one eye and then the other…all while suspended in the great nothingness.

Commander Hadfield’s presentation reminds us about what really counts – being in the grip of something (a NASA launch) that is so complex and awe-inspiring but still can make you smile at the enormity of wonder. Think about what he says – “why would you do something so dangerous?”

Stop being afraid. Change your fundamental human behaviours by knowing what you are getting into. Conquer that fear. Train. Practice. Conquer what holds you back from success. Open your eyes to the beauty of the unknown. Build your confidence so that those “spiderwebs” no longer frighten you. It makes putting pen to paper every day seem like not such a big deal.