FitBit Apr 10Ugh. Weigh day brought no joy. I’m at absolutely the same level as I’ve been for the last two weeks. Much as I’m singing the blues, I know exactly why I’ve hit such an early plateau. Wine with dinner. Pasta. Cream sauces and/or pesto. Cookies. Portions too big. Not enough steps taken during the week. Yeah, the last few days have been nutty – crisis after deadline after urgent meeting. I haven’t been able to tear myself away from the keyboard. Even though I swam like a maniac yesterday, the digital readout has not budged.

No excuses. Over the lips; onto the hips. I have to get back to basics. More stretching. More mediation. Follow the principles of weight loss – less in, more off.

On the positive side, the sun has shifted direction and the slant of light cuts across the kitchen in a wonderful way. The thermometer says that it’s 23 degrees on the deck, but that’s deceptive, because the sensors are on the side of the house tucked into the brick doorway that heats up in the sunlight.

Another week is done. The harsh mountains of filthy ice have finally melted from the driveway and from the front gardens. The weeds are very green and the squirrels have been mating like mad and digging up the lawn searching for non-existent nuts. I bought two big bags of fertilizer at Costco yesterday and it will soon be time to unpack the garden tractor and sharpen up my tools.

Life is good.