Brrr, it’s cold outside but the sparkle of sun off the untouched snow on the back lawn is stunning – a field of diamonds.

After the week I’ve had, I’ll never use the phrase ‘pain in the ass’ lightly again. To paraphrase Pogo, “I have felt the ass pain and the pain is in mine.”

I’ve been searching for information on osteoarthritis, which is what I’ve been diagnosed with, and came across this snappy video by Dr. Bob Evans. Aside from the fact that he’s Canadian, his coverage of common medical issues are engaging, informative and based on science. And I have to say this – Dr. Evans is 1000 times more credible than Dr. Oz, who started off with a useful program but has now descended into the trough of info-tainment.

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Gee, I feel like he’s been looking over my shoulder. He’s right about one thing – attitude plays a huge part in recovery. I’ve had a running mantra all week – ‘It could be worse, it could be worse.’ And it was, eventually, because all of my positivity couldn’t heal the mechanical dysfunction in my joints.

There is one important factor Dr. Bob forgot to mention – when a litany of issues cannot be remedied with heat/cold, herbs, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, rest or meditation, then it’s time to call in the pharmaceutical big guns and hammer the inflammation and pain into submission. Take that!

causes-of-hip-pain-both-sidesI’m going to research Cognitive Behaviour Therapy again. Developing a ‘resilience plan’ for my sports-abused body is the way to go. Damn but I miss my daily walks at lunch and after work. Kelly, my amazing chiropractor, says that my insistence on walking outdoors throughout the winter on uneven/slippery surfaces is probably what exacerbated a mild annoyance – like throwing gasoline on a fire, she says.That and too much sitting at the computer. But how else can I edit my novel?

Stubbornness does not pay off in the end. In my end, that is. Lesson learned.