747badgeIt’s been weeks since I wrote about mindfulness or weight loss. Not because I haven’t been mindful. In fact, I’ve been obsessing about whether I’ve subconsciously given up.

I’m still committed to my Fitbit and I’m trying to increase my step count, but walking fast in the heat isn’t that much fun. Mind you, the day we went to the Stampede grandstand show, I racked up almost 15,000 steps. For a few heady days, I was #1 among the three of us comparing activity. I’ve slid back to #3 in the step-standing. I did qualify for another badge, which made me feel that all was not lost. Since January, I’ve climbed 4000 floors. Not too shabby, I say.

My slide/stall began when I stopped recording my food diary in My Fitness Pal. I’d been on a roll for a few weeks and felt cocky about how things were going. I also stopped weighing my food portions. A small plate of appetizers when I got home from work. I added a glass of wine with dinner. That became two glasses. Occasional crackers and Gorgonzola cheese with wine while watching TV.

I stalled at a 14 pound weight loss. I know that’s better than nothing, but certainly far from my my goal. By now I should be in the dozens of pounds gone. Not yet, although I’ve been half-heartedly trying. Haven’t had a gin and tonic for weeks. However, I haven’t weighed myself since I returned from my visit to Calgary last week. The thing is, my clothes still fit just fine – a bit loose in fact. I just don’t dislike the way I look or feel enough, I guess. I’m feeling great. My brain still works.

I haven’t been swimming for weeks. Ditto the gym and weight lifting. Until last week, the weird-ass stuff going on with my upper spine had me tied up in knots and pissed off because of the pain. That’s getting better so I have no excuse except self-imposed lethargy. And too much wine.

When I get like this, all I want is a big bowl of movie theatre popcorn.  Next time I’m in Thornhill by Caynes Appliance Superstore, I’m buying one of those semi-industrial poppers. It’s not like I need another damned gadget, but microwaving dry kernels then adding butter just doesn’t give me the taste jolt I crave. I think I can pare back if I know I’m going to have a treat. I have to get back on track. My left brain knows that but my right brain drools over all of the gorgeous recipes on Bon Appetit and Pinterest.

Not yet. We have a summer brunch scheduled for Sunday. Curried avocado soup shooters, summer tomatoes with fresh basil and oil oil, a roasted vegetable terrine with creme fraiche, gravlax with horseradish sauce, tiger shrimp brochettes, cold smoked fingerling potatoes from our garden with a lime vinaigrette, marinated green beans, deconstructed strawberry shortcake with grilled rhubarb compote. Sort of healthy. Definitely tasty.