I’ve been doodling away, making false starts on today’s post, not really inspired by anything momentous. Until I watched this… Oh my goodness.

Ida Keeling. A tiny 99 year old black woman runs a 100 meter race from start to finish. Not a senior shuffle, either, but a sprint. Purposefully lifting one foot in front of the other and pumping those little bird arms from side to side to get to the finish line. Damn it. Ida would have kicked my ass if I’d been in the same race. I slapped myself after I watched it. Then watched it again. Wow.

I’m humbled. If nothing else today inspires you, let this woman do it. She said, “I feel like I’m still a winner.” Definitely, Ida. Most def’.

I can totally relate. Remember that scene in the movie Forrest Gump when he’s being chased and begins a tentative run, then he bursts into a sprint as his leg braces fly off?

Here I’ve been bemoaning the absence of motivation for the last couple of months, drinking a couple of glasses of wine with dinner, baking desserts, chowing down on barbecued anything but especially back ribs smoked and slathered in a garlicky sauce, munching carb-y snacks while watching television. What a goof. It didn’t take long for five hard-lost pounds to lard themselves back, either. Okay, so I backslided…backslid? Whatever. Derailed by a two kilo butter glitch in my long-term get-healthy plans. It’s just going to take longer.

canada55+Damn it, I used to be an athlete. High jump, long jump, dashes. But wait! There’s something called the  Canada 55+ Games.

Um, I didn’t realize crokinole, duckpin bowling and stick curling were competitive ‘sports’. ‘Washer toss’ and ‘duplicate bridge’? I was going to call them sissy games but then again, I’m not good at any of them so I shouldn’t be critical. But there is ice hockey. I haven’t strapped on the Bauers since the year after my mother died. I remember how much they used to hurt my feet, but hell, maybe I can qualify for my health insurance provider to cover the cost of orthotic hockey boots now.

Erm…Arts & Crafts. That’s the ticket. Don’t do needlework or carving & whittlin’, but back in the day, I won stacks of ribbons at the Markham Fair for my over-the-top wreaths. And I’m a dab hand at jewellery – wild, sprongy beaded stuff with lots of bling. I knit, too. Yeah, I could do that. I can feel the competitive pulse surging through my veins already. Guess what my family will be getting for Christmas – practice wreaths! Gnarly bracelets and necklaces!

The 2014 games were held in Strathcona, Alberta. I’m not sure where the next ones are, but I want to be there. First, I have to get back to a training regimen for my body and my mind.

I’m no sissy and I’m certainly not a quitter. My failure is temporary. I’m inspired to perspire again.

Ida, I’m taping your photo to the refrigerator. I’m saving it to my  smartphone so that when the urge for caramel corn or a brownie hits, I’ll click on the video and see your beautiful face and remind myself of my goal and how fortunate I am to have a body that still works. Slower and creakier than before but still…. Perhaps I’ll write to Ida. We don’t have enough heroes – she started running at 67 years of age. I can do that!

Live long and run far, Ida. I’m planning on being a few steps ahead in my age category next time!