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It’s a bit late for Christmas crooning, but the gentle snowfall the past two days puts me in a celebration frame of mind. SInce we work from home, there’s no need to go outside except to shovel the accumulation off the front steps, just on case.

And of course, just in case became a reality when we discovered the &^%$# freezer of our side-by-side fridge isn’t working. Last night, while we were watching American Idol, I kept telling Hub that I heard some sort of clicking sound, like a ball of aluminum foil relaxing. I did a walkabout, checked the new windows (which crack and sigh when the temperature changes), the taps, under the cupboards – nada. But that periodic sound was driving me mad. Today before lunch, when I was standing at the kitchen counter mixing up some Onion Poppy Seed bread, the click was joined by the sound of something metallic that was stuck. I figured out it was the fridge. Checked the thermostats – the temperature in the feezer was zero and the meat had already started to thaw. The shrimp were already past re-freezing. I said some more bad words, hauled out a laundry basket and got Hub to schlep the stuff to the downstairs fridge. He looked sort of distressed when I had to take out the dozen bottles of assorted Swedish liquor he keeps frozen for when his buddies come over, but I refused to put the food in coolers and leave the alcohol inside.

The trick now will be trying to get some poor repairman out on a day when all of the media are warning of Snowmageddon.